.444 Marlin Disaster

We all know that the Contender is a strong action and gun.  But all modern guns have there limitations.  The following images represent such an incident.  Below is the short story of how it happened.  Please carefully consider the following information the next time you want to "hot-rod" your loads or guns.  You may not be as lucky as this shooter was.
This story and these images were obtained by me from Ralph Whittaker.
Please visit his website:  Ralph's Gun Stuff

  Images  (Story is below the images)

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I finally got hold of the owner of the blown up .444 Marlin.  Now I can tell you what he told me:

Marvin (The guns owner) bought the barrel at a gun show in March of 97.  On the 16th of March he picked up 2 boxes of .444 ammo and went to the range.  On the 38th round, the barrel blew up.  He suffered a nasty cut his hand that took a big piece of meat out but didn't damage the tendons.  It took 30 stitches to seal everything back up.  He now has full use of
his hand.

By the end of April 97, he felt like trying to get hold of the guy that re-bored the .44 Mag barrel to .444 Marlin.  When he tried to contact Mike Bellm, all he got was a ringing phone.  He has been trying to contact him through early 1998 with no luck.  He heard rumors that Mike was driving a truck somewhere in Texas?

This is all I know of the incident.